Black Sheep – Ashed log


Rich Farmhouse Sheep Cheese dusted with vine charcoal

Log – Size: 5x10cm long – Weight: approx. 150g

Distinctive – Fudgy – Smooth – Dense – Nutritious

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Black Sheep is unique farmhouse-style cheese rarely seen in Australia, named after some of the coloured Moyarra ewes that supply the milk. Black sheep are known to have a particular character  and attitude than stands them apart from the flock.

Each log is gently hand ladled from 500ml of ewes’ milk curd, and lightly salted. A melt-in-the-mouth, dense, creamy cheese with an attractive, mottled , silvery-white rind that develops  after 2 weeks’ maturation, as the distinctive flora grows through the layer of vine charcoal – house-made from Gippsland Wine Company (Loch) Cabernet vine prunings, and dusted lightly onto the surface. This neutralises some lactic acid which sweetens the cheese, and assists development of the wrinkly rind.

May be enjoyed from 2 weeks old (mild with yoghurt-like, fresh flavour), but beyond one month the brittle core softens throughout to become a spicey, oozing cheese.  Allow  it to warm well at room temperature before serving.

Vegetarian rennet

Match with full-bodied red wine and fresh (or preserved) fruits.

Try Gippsland Wine Company Gustoso – Moyarra Vineyard.

Weight 5 kg

Prom Country Cheese

Prom Country Cheese is managed by 2nd generation cheesemakers Bronwyn & Burke Brandon along side Organic dairy farmer/cheesemakers Daniel, Chelsie and Carolyn Hales.  Our regenerative/Organic farms are in the beautiful hills of South Gippsland. Here the focus is production of premium sheep and cow’s milk for cheesemaking in the purpose-built cheese rooms in the paddock above the dairy, and showcasing its transformation into distinctive regional cheese. Sustainable, natural and ethical farming techniques combine with simple raw ingredients to create a wide range of traditional, whole-some cheeses. Made seasonally with fresh pasture-fed, single origin milk, which is handled gently in small batches and un-pasteurised to preserve its natural qualities. The first premises in Victoria to be licensed to produce raw milk cheese, which captures diverse microflora from a unique time and place. Located near the Western gateway to Prom Country, cheese names are inspired by the story behind their origin.
The families are involved in the entire process from growing the pastures, to breeding and milking, handcrafting the cheese, then proudly presenting the final products to you.

Prom Country Cheese’s long list of awards include 2017 & 2020 Australian Grand Dairy Awards Champion sheep cheese and 2016 Australian Food Awards Champion Dairy Product, for their signature cheese ‘Venus Blue’.

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