Certified Organic Thyme Bombs – 500gms (Frozen)


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The Thyme Bomb Mince!

Ingredients: our beef mince, red onion, salt, pepper, olive oil, fresh thyme from our garden, Dijon mustard.

This product is really, really versatile. Meatballs, burgers, savoury rice dishes, added to bolognaise for that extra kick. Get it? Thyme bomb…because they’re going to save you time, and they contain thyme?! Ohhhh! This pun-tastic thrill!

Colin and Sally's Organic Farm

Welcome to Colin and Sally’s Organic Farm. We run a certified organic, completely grass-fed, sheep, beef and potato farm in the Strzelecki Ranges in South Gippsland. We started selling our organic produce direct to the public in 2013 as a way in which to provide other families with the opportunity of purchasing organic, grass-fed meat straight from the farmer.

We made the big move out here to the Dollar hills from Melbourne, dedicated to organic farming and passionate about good food. We are a family farm – a farm-ily. Colin, Sally and our sons, Jacob  and Patrick. We’re busy, dedicated, kind, and socially conscientious. We love what we do.

Small-scale organic farming is essential to the future of sustainable agriculture and for the preservation of small, vibrant communities and local economies. Buying direct from a farmer that you can get to know and trust is a great way to support healthy eating and inclusive communities. Buying from a supermarket means farmers remain faceless and you place your trust in farming, and ultimately the environment, to large corporatised farms.

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