Geo-ripened lactic cows milk cheese

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Monkery is the older sibling of Chamela, having grown a geotrichum rind around the puck of cows’ milk lactic curd cheese, slowly transforming its flavour and texture into something richer and creamier as it ripens.

Made from organic Fleckvieh cows milk collected the day of milking using cultures, animal rennet and salt.

Weight 5 kg

Butterfly Factory

Butterfly Factory is a micro dairy sourcing fresh milk from a single herd of Fleckvieh cows grazed in West Gippsland.

These dual-purpose cows are milked once/day and eat grass and hay exclusively from ‘unimproved’ pastures. No grain, silage, superphosphate, herbicides or pesticides are used in the production of this milk.

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