Rosemary Hydrosol 100ml


100% pure water of distillation containing heavier oil molecules and minerals. It has a clean almost citrus aroma with gentle spice overtones. Rosemary is the Queen of hydrosols, excellent for sensitive skin it rejuvenates and hydrates. Hydrosol and can be used as a toner, a pick me up during the day, a room spray, or on your pillow at bedtime.

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100mlamber glass bottle with mister.

Weight 5 kg

Granite Bar Rosemary

I am a small-scale distiller of primarily Rosemary rosmarinus officinalis, producing Rosemary ct Verbenone essential oil and hydrosol. All botanicals distilled are grown on the farm without chemicals or synthetic fertilisers, and distilled with steam in copper.

I open the farm to visitors during the distilling season, late spring/summer, offering one and two-day distilling workshops. My partner and I found this property nestled in the bush with views to the sea in an area once known as Granite Bar. We fell in love. We were looking for a property where we could grow rosemary, this one was perfect. That was in 2015 since then we have planted 700 rosemary plants around the house adding alpacas that fertilise the rosemary and chooks and guinea fowl to manage the snails and the soil. I have found that the clay dug up by the wombats, is great for throwing, enabling me to eat and drink from vessels of the land on which I sleep. I make glazes from the ash from the trees and am finally living my dream of making from and of the land.  My partner in crime succumbed to the next world last year and going it alone is challenging at times but never endingly rewarding.

I respectfully acknowledge the privilege I am awarded in being here and see my role as a temporary caretaker as an opportunity to live, share and learn, in harmony with plants and animals, with thanks to the traditional owners’ past, present, and future.

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