Stain Remover Soap


This laundry stain remover soap is perfect for removing stubborn stains from your clothes. With the benefits of Lemon Essential oil which is known for being an effective natural degreaser helps with those nasty oil – grease stains that ordinary soap just doesn’t seem to remove. A great compact soap that is ideal for travelling and keeping your clothes stain free while on the go. Our soap replaces plastic bottles which helps reduce waste from our planet.

How to Use

To remove stain patches from your clothing dampen or wet the area of the stain with water. Rub the soap over the area to form a lather. Vigorously rub the soap into the stained area to work it’s magic. Place the piece of clothing in the machine and wash as normal.

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Weight 5 kg

Luna Soap

Luna Soap is a small family owned business located in the beautiful Tarra Valley Bulga National Park region of South Gippsland Victoria. The business was born out of a desire to make more natural, healthier lifestyle choices with the way we live, the products we use personally and within the family home.

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