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Our honey comes from the urban beekeeping specialists, Melbourne’s own Rooftop Honey. Great on toast, crumpets and so much more. Drizzle over blue and white mould cheese, caramelise onions, create honeyed carrots, or baste your chicken for a perfect glaze.

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Truffle Paddock

Our farm is in the hills behind Westernport Bay in Gippsland, near Phillip Island, in Victoria, Australia. Nigel Wood and Ruth Newton began farming at Grantville in 2002, following Nigel’s earlier involvement in one of the first large truffle farms in Tasmania. We have 600 inoculated truffle trees on our farm – these “host trees” are mostly evergreen oaks but there are some hazel nut host trees. The truffle fungus forms a symbiotic relationship with its host tree, with each “feeding” the other. We replicate this mutually beneficial partnership in our relationships with the artisan producers we work with to bring you our tasty range of truffle products.

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