White Miso Paste


White Miso is a younger version of red miso. Fermented soy beans take several months to produce this delicate, earthy flavour enhancer. Used in broths, marinades, soups and stews you will delight at the flavour of this traditional Japanese staple. If you’ve never tried handcrafted miso, you must! Absolutely superior in taste when compared to store bought miso.

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This tiny jar is enough to make two pots of soup. You won’t regret purchasing naturally fermented miso. Drop half a teaspoon into a cup of hot water each morning for a traditional Japanese probiotic boost!!

Weight 10 kg

Wild Earth Mother

I love fermenting!!

Keep your gut flora happy with beneficial bacteria. You only need a teaspoon or a sip each day of one of my many fermented products to gain the many benefits of fermented foods.

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