They Said WHAT About Us?

Delicious Dairy, great meat, big smiles! Love the shampoo bar, love the fruit bread and Wood fired biscuits! Most of all it makes me happy to know what I am putting into my body is of clean high quality food and it boomerangs back to the farmers❤️
Rebekah James
Received my first order today. Produce looks amazing and super fresh, and the hand crafted products made with care and beautifully presented. My initial email enquiry was answered promptly and then ordering was a breeze. Delivery was top notch, with updates at every step and a friendly delivery driver. Have put in my order for next week and would highly recommend Prom Coast Food Collective
Tania McGregor

And what do the farmers say?

Becoming part of the Prom Coast Food Collective has allowed me to step away from markets and spend more time on my property; Focusing on product development, streamlining and improving productivity as well as growing produce to a higher environmental and ethical standard. Selling direct to the consumer negates estimating production numbers, in turn bringing a fresher product to the consumer.
Narelle Lucas
Wild Earth Mother
My business is Mirboo Pastured Poultry. I raise chickens on pasture to sell as poultry meat. The PCFC has really transformed my business. Having regular orders throughout the month that are prepaid has become the backbone of my sales. The PCFC organises all the marketing and the logistics of distribution. This gives me more time on the farm and more confidence when I am ordering the next batch of day - old chicks to grow out. The introduction of direct home deliveries before the pandemic has allowed sales to boom. Before that I relied mainly on farmers markets and some regular delivery customers. I did have restaurant customers but they never persisted with me. The farmer markets are highly variable with fickle customers and I have managed to reduce the number I do.
Ilan Goldman
Mirboo Pastured Poultry
As a first time producer the collective was a wonderful way to market our hazelnuts. Everyone was so helpful and it was exciting to receive orders and sell out! Everything was so well organized from communication to packing lists to delivering produce and packing. Can’t wait for our next harvest.
Jude Brennan
The shortest food chain is direct from our farm gate, and the next best way to feed our customers is through the Prom Coast Food Collective. It has enabled customers to conveniently and regularly access not only our cheese but so much other produce in the same box, without being handled by a third party. Importantly we are able to maintain communication directly with the end consumer.
Burke Brandon
Prom Country Cheese
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